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How To Brew Fantastic Coffee!

Updated: Jun 8

If you know me at all, you know my passion for coffee. Today, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite ways to brew really good coffee.

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Up until a couple years back, I knew only drip coffee.  That was basically it, not to mention all I ever drank. I had, once or twice, stopped into a local coffee shop and received, what they called, Pour-over Coffee, but never thought much of it.  It seemed to have a nicer flavor, but I just attributed that to the place I was at.  “Wow, they have really flavorful coffee,” I thought.  And that was the end of that.

But, then, I was blessed to be introduced to the wonderment of different coffee brewing methods I could actually do at home.  Namely, Pour-over Coffee and French Press Coffee.

A company contacted me through my Old Nerd Reviews YouTube channel, asking if I would be willing to review a French Press coffee brewer for them.  Being the coffee lover I am, I agreed and they sent their brand of French Press coffee maker out to me.

While waiting for it to arrive, being a total noob, I combed the Internet to find out exactly how to use a French Press maker. I read a few articles and watched a few videos and finally felt pretty secure in the procedure when it came time to actually shoot the video.  Within a week, the maker came and I anxiously opened it up and got prepped to produce the video demo and review.

Fast forward a couple months and another company, who had seen the How To Make French Press Coffee video, contacted me with an offer to send me a Pour-over Coffee Brewer to demo and review.  I did the same thing.  Scoured the Internet for information and, when it got here, made the video.

brewing pour over coffee

All this to say, French Press and Pour-over coffee was a joy to discover!  Drip brewing coffee is for those times when I'm really in a hurry or out and about with no choice in the matter.

Brewing my morning, afternoon, or evening coffee with either my French Press or Pour-over coffee makers are for the times when I care enough to make the very best.  The coffee you get out of brewing either one of this ways is so much more flavorful, smoother, and aromatic.  You truly can smell and taste a huge difference!

If you have never tried making your coffee the French Press or the Pour-over ways, I highly, highly, highly recommend you do.  Once you taste the difference in your cup of liquid joy, I feel pretty secure in saying that you will never go back.  Get yourself both types of coffee makers and then learn to do it.  It takes a bit more than shoving a k-cup into a single serve coffee maker or the very traditional 12-cup machine, but the small extra effort is worth it.  Especially if you love coffee the way I do.

Even though most makers come with instructions on how to brew the coffee, I'll save you the hassle of finding your own information and link you up to both my French Press and Pour-over coffee videos.

How To Make Coffee With A French Press

How To Make Pour Over Coffee, Simple & Easy Method

Also, here are links to some great French Press and Coffee Drippers:

Now, with this coffee arsenal in your back pocket, there is no excuse for ever producing a bad cup of coffee again.  Enjoy!



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