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MEGAQUARIUM, An Aquarium Tycoon Game Is Great Fun!

Have you ever wanted to build your own aquarium empire? In the vast sea of simulation games, you can now do exactly that with Megaquarium, the new aquarium tycoon simulation game by Twice Circled, the makers of Big Pharma.

megaquarium game

A wide variety of fish, eels, octopus, jelly fish, and many more underwater friends can be chosen and housed in your fully-decorated tanks for all guests to enjoy, as you build the aquarium of your dreams. Each sea creature has their own specific personality and needs, so there will be a method to your madness. Hire employees to take care of the creatures and other maintenance, install all sorts of goodies to keep your guests happy and comfortable, expand your aquariums, and make lots of money.

What I really love about Megaquarium is it is so easy to jump in and understand how everything works. I felt like I was being led by the hand with all the pop-up menus and mouse-over bubbles, keeping me going on the path to success.

megaquarium gameplay

It's colorful and cute as well as having the details of a good simulation game, which makes Megaquarium a terrific game for both children, teens, and adults. Fun for the entire family!

I could tell straight away that Megaquarium was not a money-grab game, just thrown together to make a quick buck. It's well done and enjoyable enough to spend hours on end building aquariums that would make any sea creatures proud to swim around in.

This is a game that I'm sure I'll be both playing and live streaming a lot of.

Check it out for yourself and grab a copy of Megaquarium today!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of it and be sure to join me on my Twitch live streams for chat, coffee, and gaming.


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