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Updated: May 24, 2019

You know full-well by now how much I love Funko Pop Vinyl figures. Mind you, I just don't collect to collect, straight across the board. I collect what I like, but love the line of Pop Vinyls that Funko puts out. They're adorable and the quality is great. The majority of the Funko Pops I've seen are really well done likenesses of who they are supposed to be.

The Funko Pop Vinyl figures I like are proudly displayed in my living room on a shelf that is dedicated to everything wonderfully nerdy. If you've seen any of my at-home videos or live streams on my Old Nerd Reviews YouTube channel or on my Old Nerd Reviews Twitch channel, you've more than likely seen said shelf and all it's goodies.

So far, I have the majority of Funko Pops in the Batman 1966 line. I am missing a Riddler variation where he is wearing his green top hat and jacket. That one is a bit more expensive than the others, but I hope to get it soon. I am also missing Catwoman. Such a travesty! There's also a Batman in the Batmobile one I need to grab when I can.

Moving on, I have two variations of Mr Bean. The regular one with his teddy bear and a Chase version with the Thanksgiving/Christmas turkey on his head. That one is so funny!

I have an amazing Mr Rogers Funko Pop holding Trolley and I need the variation of him holding King Friday.

The other two Funko Pops worth a mention are from one of my all-time favorite

video games, Bioshock Infinite. Booker DeWitt holding a skyhook and the lovely Elizabeth. Both very nicely done!

There are so many more Funko Pop Vinyls I want and I have them listed in my Old Nerd's Funko Pop World shop. I have a lot from the old Hanna Barbara cartoons, Nickelodeon shows from the 90's, advertising mascots such as Twinkie The Kid, Captain Crunch, and more fun ones. Take a look!

Anywho, just some fun parts of my life that I wanted to share. I even show some of them off on my Old Nerd Reviews YouTube channel, so you may catch them, up close and personal.

Take care, talk again soon, and HAVE A FREAKING AWESOME DAY!


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